What Makes Our Rastafarian Church in San Francisco Different?

An Alternative Religion with an Alternative Approach: 5 Things That Rastafari Do Differently

You’ll quickly notice that our San Francisco weed church is quite unlike any other community you’ve come across. Our values, our tradition, and our approach to life is different; this is why many come to our weed church San Francisco and use it as a safe haven where they can be what they are. In concrete terms, there are certain things that Rastafari do differently:

1. Gender roles

Although not as prominent in our San Francisco cannabis church, Rastafari often require their female members to dress differently than the male ones, for instance. The reason being is that women can act as a sexual distraction that diverts the male’s attention from pursuing the religion, hence the dress code to cover up the female body a bit more.

2. Spiritual use of cannabis

Our church is also a well-known San Francisco dispensary for those who wish to get their hands on the sacred herb. Whether you’re consuming it by smoking or ingesting it, it’s one of the golden tools in one’s pursuit for spiritual enlightenment. No matter how you look at it or how often you use it, it’s what will bring you closer to God. Hence, consumption tends to be accompanied by prayer.

3. The role of music

Our Rastafarian church San Francisco and its members are huge fans of music, but in their lives, it means something much more significant than mere entertainment. It has a spiritual component to it, as you’ll quickly see from the chantings and drummings practiced by the practitioners of this religion while engaging in its auditory pleasures. In essence, praising Jah is the core and essence of music as it is practiced in the Rastafari community.

4. Ties with mother Earth

It is our bond with nature that is too often forgotten in the western parts of the world, and our cannabis church San Francisco would like to remind the people how important it is. There’s much more to it than smoking weed, too; Rastafari tend to have a special diet called “ital”. While some of the members are 100% vegan, some choose to take a lighter approach on the matter. Still, all of them strive to eat as naturally as possible. For instance, adding much additives to the food they eat (such as salt) is to be avoided.

5. Rastafari ceremonies

Last but not least, we have the grounding ceremonies our San Francisco cannabis church is known for. It consists of two vital elements – the participants and the elder who leads the ceremony. As we’ve mentioned before, these involve plenty of music, chanting, and drumming that makes them whole. Of course, consumption of cannabis is not to be forgotten. On an intellectual level, these ceremonies also serve as a discussion of the current affairs and an exchange of ideas.


And there we have it! These are 5 things that Rastafari do differently. Care to experience it all in person? Then come on over to pay a visit to our cannabis church San Francisco!