Three Reasons Why Our Recreational Dispensary is a Safe Haven Like None Other

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Three Reasons Why Our Recreational Dispensary is a Safe Haven Like None Other

A typical San Francisco Cannabis Recreation Dispensary allows you to buy and use ganja for your own personal enjoyment and satisfaction. That appears to be the only major difference between cannabis used for Recreational purposes and cannabis used for Medical purposes. In as much as some would argue that, since it’s the same cannabis that is being used for recreational purposes that are also used for medical purposes. Anyone who then takes then for pure pleasure would also get to enjoy the medical benefits.

We on the other hand believe that Ganja is an essential part of religious practices. At the very core we’re very different from all other San Francisco Dispensary, we believe that providing a safe space for people to use ganja and draw nearer to God is a much greater honor than being an ordinary Recreational dispensary in San Francisco.

Our ministry is a product of The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, which is an offshoot of the Rastafari movement. And we’ve always used weed as our holy sacrament.

Our core beliefs and values; what we do differently.

  1. The Sacred Herb: The use of cannabis is a very crucial part of our religious practices. We see ganja as the physical manifestation of the body and blood of Jesus. We encourage our members to use it freely and consume it however they choose. We believe ganja draws one closer to God, but we do not see weed itself as an object of worship. It’s the holy grail of spiritual enlightenment and is always accompanied with prayers, which are directed to a spiritual God.
  1. Run By Members:  We are not financially supported by any organization or persons. Our members and class participants pay tithes, which we then use to meet the needs of the church. We provide them with a safe space for spiritual growth and healing, a fact which sets us apart from all other recreational dispensaries.
  1. Freedom: We believe everyone has a right to have an opinion. That’s why some of our members don’t see what we do as religious practices, they choose to see it more as a philosophy than a religion. Some of our members don’t smoke, they’d rather ingest their ganja orally. We are also mostly vegans and don’t eat red meat, but when a member chooses to indulge, we don’t see him/her as unbelonging.

The ganja church has been a huge opportunity for our members and class participants to enable them to use weed to their satisfaction and grow even more spiritually. We don’t encourage bureaucracy and urge everyone to treat the next person the way they want to be treated. 

Although or core practices are centered around using weed for spiritual growth and enlightenment, we’re an official cannabis dispensary and would love to show you our different forms of cannabis product types for you to choose from. This means, if you don’t smoke but would love to enjoy the benefits of the sacred herb, we definitely have something for you.