San Francisco Cannabis Church Most Commonly Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about our San Francisco cannabis church

Perhaps you’ve heard of our Rastafarian church in San Francisco but haven’t had an opportunity to stop by and say hi? To show you what we’re all about in a matter of minutes, we’ll attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions that we get.
rastafarian church san francisco

Will you sell me some weed?
Yes we will! After all, we’re more than just a church; we’re also a San Francisco dispensary. Our shelves are full of various different marijuana products, which includes creams, ointments, and edibles. Feel free to come and take a look!

What is your mission?
This is a really tough question to answer in a couple of sentences. But in essence, our cannabis church San Francisco aims to guide you on the path towards becoming a better person. Our grand vision is to help you overcome whatever is bothering you and offering spiritual guidance on the way. Since no one considers us to be dogmatic in any sense of the word, people of all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome to visit us and see what it’s like to enter a new state of relaxation.

Isn’t cannabis still a bit of a taboo in our society?
It sure is. But our weed church San Francisco aims to make it ever more socially acceptable, up to the point of being a part of people’s everyday lives. While we still have a long way to go before we can reach this goal, every little step we take matters a great deal.

How do you differ from the other churches in the state?
Our San Francisco cannabis church is meant for those who want to practice their religion and devotion to God in their own way, without being held back by dogmatic scriptures or beliefs of the past. We consider our church to be faithful to the tradition and yet modern in its workings.

Is your church specific to San Francisco?
While our San Francisco cannabis church is as unique as it can be, there are similar churches in other places. But our basic mission is the same; we want to pave the way to your enlightenment and give you a nice place to hang out all at the same time.

Who is allowed into the church?
Our San Francisco weed church welcomes anyone who wishes to see what we’re all about. That being said, only individuals who are of legal age may enter.

What if I practice another religion?
The people who visit our church are elevated and brought together by unquestionable devotion to God and the shared love for cannabis. The cultural, religious, or ethical background does not matter – in this house of God, we are all on equal grounds, welcomed, and accepted.

Is this kind of church legal?
Our Rastafarian church in San Francisco is 100% legal and compliant with the local laws and regulations. So as long as you are of legal age, you are welcome to visit us at any time without worries of breaking the law.