Rastafarian Church: Dreadlocks Are Much More Than Style

Trademark Rastafari: Dreadlocks Are Much More Than Style

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If you’ve ever stepped into our Rastafarian church San Francisco, you might have noticed a lot of people wearing dreadlocks as their preferred hairstyle of choice. Originally coming from the bible, they are a sign of spirituality and the Rastafarian religion. The hairstyle means that one chooses to follow the path of the God, yet still somehow manages to adhere to the core principle of keeping things simple.

One’s hair acts as an energy transmitter

Here’s one thing that you might come across when visiting our cannabis church San Francisco, but hardly anywhere else: your hair acts as an energy transmitter. Therefore, it’s of great importance what you do with it. Rastafari place a great deal importance on this important aspect of their belief system. It is said that those who have longer hair are less susceptible toward means of mass manipulation, crowd control, etc.

To support this claim, our San Francisco cannabis church would like to point out the example of Civil War that took place in the North America when Indians were trying to defend the land that was once rightfully theirs. Back then, their best men were captured and utilized for the opposing side’s gain. Guess what was the first thing they did to them? They cut their hair, thus crippling their link with divinity and inner intuition.

The bible is full of references tied to dreadlocks

Given how many times dreadlocks are mentioned in the bible itself, do you still believe it’s just a fluke? Chances are you’ve heard these verses mentioned numerous times during our weed church San Francisco prayer sessions and sermons. You see, the vow of the Nazarites is to never cut one’s hair and paving the way for locks to emerge. In fact, Jesus himself proclaimed to be a Nazarite. Did you know that dreadlocks naturally tend to develop if you let your hair grow out and never comb it? There’s no need to forego washing it either.

In the modern world, sometimes people would like to wear this kind of hairstyle, but they may not have the will or the patience to follow the natural course of obtaining it. In these cases, as evident in our very own San Francisco weed church, the use of synthetic dreadlocks and hair extensions seems to be the norm.

Dreadlocks as a symbol of rebellion and purity

By its very nature, a typical San Francisco cannabis church member is a rebel; the kind who does not agree with everything the society tries to push. Dreadlocks are a symbol of rebellion, but also purity. Preserving it is one of the steps necessary to reconnect oneself with the healing power of nature. Of course, smoking marijuana that you can obtain from our San Francisco dispensary and church all in one helps a great deal.

We welcome you with open arms

You don’t have to belong to our religion to still be welcome. Our Rastafarian church San Francisco is as much of a spiritual place as it is the kind that’s ripe for social gatherings, so we invite you to explore what we’re all about and see the legendary dreadlock hairstyle with your very own eyes.