Rastafari Movement at our San Francisco Dispensary: Learn 8 things about the Movement

learn 8 things about the Rastafari movement, San Francisco dispensary

Learn 8 Things About the Rastafari Movement in 5 Minutes or Less

Our San Francisco cannabis recreational dispensary is much more than a gathering place for those who like to smoke weed and wear dreadlocks. Since there is a lot of misunderstandings about Rastas and the community they form, we’ll attempt to clear some of it up in today’s post.

1. Bob Marley did, in fact, not start the movement

An icon often associated with the Rastafari, but much to some people’s surprise, he was not the one who started it. However, his music has helped spread the movement considerably, and by visiting our San Francisco recreational dispensary, you can experience the magic yourself.

2. The yellow in the Rastafari flag is actually meant to represent the gold color

Red, yellow, green, and black is what you’ll see by glancing at the Rastafari flag or wearables. But in reality, the yellow is supposed to represent gold – a symbol of wealth.

3. Jamaica is not the only place Rastas call their home

Although Jamaica is a great place to be if you’re one of our kind, there’s no need to travel so far just to hang out with like-minded individuals. Since its much closer, pay a visit to our San Francisco recreational dispensary instead!

4. Ask any Rasta to learn why Africa is the place to be

If there’s something no one can deny about Africa, is that its inhabitants are closely intertwined with the nature that surrounds them. Rastas believe that we should do well to learn from their example and return to living like this.

5. Rastas are all about a healthy way of life

As you’ve grown to learn from our very own San Francisco cannabis recreational dispensary, healthy living is at the forefront of our teachings, if there are any. After all, our body is a temple that needs to be treated accordingly. If you want to learn more about the Rastafari diet, google the word “ital”.

6. Marcus Garvey’s philosophy is where the community draws inspiration from

Marcus Garvey was a key figure in the past century. Known for promoting self-empowerment among the black people, many Rastas consider him to be a prophet of sorts. As part of his teachings, Africa is to be looked at as a role model country when it comes to living one’s life.

7. Marijuana is not just a drug

The marijuana you can find in our San Francisco dispensary is, in fact, more than just a drug. It’s more of a tool to propel your spirit to higher places. In fact, smoking it is considered to be a part of the spiritual ritual you, too, can be a part of by paying us a visit.

8. Dreadlocks are more than a fashion statement

Sure, some wear dreadlocks for the way they look. But Rastas view their hair as an expression of strength, hence why they choose to wear it like that.


Did you learn something new today? Let us know by getting in touch. Or, better yet, why not visit our San Francisco recreational dispensary so we can talk eye to eye?