More than just a San Francisco Dispensary: The Rastafari Diet

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What Is Ital, the Sacred Rastafari Diet?

If you’ve heard what our San Francisco cannabis recreational dispensary is all about, you’ll know that we advocate for healthy living and healthy eating as being one of the main priorities in life. Although smoking weed and wearing dreadlocks is the first thing that’s likely to pop up in someone’s mind whenever Rastafari are mentioned, the spiritual movement is less centered around the looks and more about practicing a healthy lifestyle – a topic we’ll examine more today.

Introducing ital – the vegan diet with a twist

The most dedicated members of our San Francisco recreational dispensary and church are sworn to follow a strict vegan diet, but as with any other thing, it’s always up to each specific individual how far they want to take it.

Either way, if you’ve noticed things like vegan cakes made from coconut, banana, and almond, chances are it’s come from someone who swears by the ital diet. Contrary to popular belief, going vegan does not necessarily mean swearing off the sweet delights and great taste!

Eating organic increases one’s bond with the nature

The closer it is to Mother Nature, the better. But it’s not just the members of our San Francisco cannabis recreational dispensary who are practicing it; in fact, popular restaurants from all around the world are starting to incorporate the elements of an ital diet in their menus.

The principle behind the diet is simple: the healthier you eat, the less you’re going to have to go see the doctor. Another secret that keeps Rastas away from health issues is avoiding processed foods. To ensure a diet that’s free of chemicals, some go as far as growing their own vegetables.

How you prepare your food matters a lot

Ask our San Francisco recreational dispensary and church regulars and you’ll learn that ital is also about how you prepare the food. Many of our members hold the opinion that eating the food that was cooked in metal pans can have unhealthy consequences. As such, clay pots tend to be their tool of choice. If that reminds you of the old traditions, you’re right – and they’re not hiding it either.

Ital diet replaces many so-called core ingredients with healthier alternatives

If you have the option, why not substitute the likes of butter and dairy with various forms of coconut milk? Given that it’s healthier and tastes better, this one is a no-brainer. Salt is another great example of something that seems to be cookie-cutter, while it really is not. For instance, it can easily be replaced with various spices.

If it grows in your backyard, it’s good!

This, of course, depends on the climate you’re living in, but anything along the lines of bananas, coconuts, mangos, avocados, spinach, peppers (and so forth) can be part of the ital diet. You see, it’s more of a set of guidelines rather than a hard-coded set of rules.


As long as you stay away from processed foods, fats, salts, processed foods and embrace the fruits of nature, you’re on your way to living like a true Rasta. For more direction, there is always our San Francisco dispensary you can visit at any time you please!