How Cannabis Can Help Your Hair Grow Healthier

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How Cannabis Can Help Your Hair Grow Healthier

Could the secret to strong, healthy, and flowing hair be as simple as adding Cannabis to your hair care routine? Well, many believe it's true and also have the hair to show it. 

Whether you're a newbie or a cannabis connoisseur, our San Francisco dispensary is your choice for medical and recreational Cannabis. We ensure quality options, exceptional results, and safety. Since you are here, we invite you to make our cannabis dispensary your favorite dispensary in San Francisco.

Below are a few ways Cannabis could help your hair grow healthier.

  1. Cannabis oil strengthens your hair

Apply cannabis oil directly to your hair, and your follicles will soak up an all-natural formula of beneficial proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. 

Besides feeding and moisturizing your hair, you stimulate hair growth as you massage the cannabis oil into your scalp. Blood flow to the scalp increases and boosts new hair growth, strengthens existing follicles, and prevents hair breakage.

  1. Moisturizes and thickens without greasy residue

Cannabis oil penetrates the hair shaft, locking in nutrients and moisture without leaving fatty residues that can make your hair look greasy. The humidity inside the strand with fatty acids on the outside gives additional thickness.

  1. Cannabis oil improves scalp health

If the scalp is not healthy, neither will the hair. As you massage cannabis oil into your scalp, it helps with inflammation and irritation and moisturizes the skin to help with dryness, itchy skin, acne, fungal infections, and dandruff.

  1. Faster metabolism for hair growth

Even if you don't rub cannabis oil into your hair, smoking Cannabis a few times a week can help you see faster hair growth. That's because Cannabis speeds up metabolism. A quicker metabolism digests food faster, burns calories more quickly, and grows hair faster. 

  1. Less stress leads to healthier hair

Stress is neither good for your health or hair. Cannabis is a popular stress-reliever and can help you with a smooth night's sleep. Purchase hair care products infused with Cannabis from a dispensary like ours. Cannabis oils made with olive oil, hemp seed oil, or argan oil are preferable to coconut or butter oil.

Cannabis oil promotes hair health and growth when used topically by supplying nutrients, stimulating blood flow, moisturizing, and strengthening the hair shaft. It also helps the scalp by reducing inflammation and irritation. 

Even if you enjoy Cannabis recreationally, this can improve hair health by boosting metabolism and reducing stress. If we have convinced you about adding Cannabis to your beauty regimen, you can purchase them from our recreational dispensary in San Francisco.

If Cannabis is not yet a part of your daily beauty routine, it needs to be. From helping you get rid of breakouts to smoothing your scalps, there are plenty of impressive reasons Cannabis can make your hair grow healthier.

Now that you are aware of the hair and beauty benefits of Cannabis? Will you be adding it to your routine? We would love to hear from you.