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Spiritual Enlightenment With San Francisco Rastafarian Church

Rastafarian Church In San Francisco Will Guide Your Way to Spiritual Enlightenment Losing your path in life, or at least a portion of your faith, is God’s way of testing you. The members of our San Francisco weed church gather to remind us that we’re all his children and that sometimes it’s hard to see...

5 Things About the Rastafarian Way of Life

5 Things You May Not Have Known About the Rastafarian Way of Life

There are many paths that lead through life. Some are straightforward, some are hard, but all of them come down to our values and beliefs, no matter which one we end up taking. Our Rastafarian church in San Francisco is often asked what...

Rediscovering Cannabis as a Sacrament in San Francisco

The Reverend Dr. David Dick Many of us know of cannabis's use as a recreational drug, and recently more and more of us are becoming aware of its many uses as a medicine. However, cannabis also has a long history of use as an entheogen. Entheogen literally means “generating the divine within” or “makes God come into...