6 Beliefs the Rastafari Stand For

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Committed to Their Way of Life: 6 Beliefs the Rastafari Stand For

Many who have heard about the Rastafarian church San Francisco have sparked an interest in the Rastafari religion and how its practitioners choose to live their lives. To offer you a glimpse into this alternative religion, we’ve narrowed it down to 6 beliefs and religious practices for your reading pleasure:

1. Rastafari worship a single God

The Rastafari that visit our cannabis church San Francisco worship a single God only, just as what tends to be the norm in other religions. Jah, as the supreme entity is referred to, lives in all beings. In other words, we all carry a part of the holiness in ourselves.

2. Emperor Haile Selassie I is viewed as a messiah

Our weed church San Francisco, just like all the other Rastafari churches, views emperor Haile Selassie I as a messiah. However, the approach in how he is worshipped differs between various Rastafari churches. According to the Old Testament, he is the second coming of Jesus. A messenger to some and an incarnation of God to others, Haile Selassie I is a name you’ll be coming across multiple times.

3. Afrocentrism is all about the empowerment of black people

If you’ve noticed so many dark-skinned ethnicities feel so at home in our San Francisco weed church, this is no coincidence. Rastafari practice afrocentrism, a movement that aspires to give more power to this group of people. Unfortunately, some parts of the western society still repress them. But at some point, the oppression will have to end.

4. The Bible is used as the main source of wisdom

The San Francisco cannabis church is quite similar to Catholicism in the sense that the Bible is viewed as an infinite source of wisdom and the guiding point in our lives. In away, the Rastas have adopted the teachings as a foundation of sorts and build upon them.

5. There is no afterlife

According to Rastafari and the way we approach things in San Francisco cannabis church, there is no afterlife. However, those who are spiritually enlightened will get another chance, while the rest will not have the privilege. When their spirit visits the Earthly planes once more, the spiritually enlightened will retain their identities.

6. Strong moral values (and an even stronger bond with nature)

Just like other religions, the one we practice at our San Francisco dispensary and church has a strong emphasis on morality. But the one thing that ties it all together is how Rastafari perceive nature to be an important part of our very being. Unfortunately, due to advancement of technology, the western civilization has forgotten what it means to be one of nature’s children and has somehow become toxic as a result. The practitioners of our religion seek to revive that bond and reintroduce it once more.

Have you heard enough? Then come pay us a visit!

Our Rastafarian church San Francisco is open to everybody, there is no need to practice the religion to stop by, say hi, and spend quality time in good company. So when are you coming around? We’d love to meet you and hang out!