5 Things You May Not Have Known About the Rastafarian Way of Life

5 Things You May Not Have Known About the Rastafarian Way of Life

Rastafarian Cannabis church in San Jose will bring you closer to God

There are many paths that lead through life. Some are straightforward, some are hard, but all of them come down to our values and beliefs, no matter which one we end up taking. Our Rastafarian church in San Francisco is often asked what it means to be Rastafarian and in what ways do the practitioners differ from the rest. So to tickle your interest, here are 5 things you may or may not have known about our way of life:

  1. We believe our body acts as a temple

The people that visit our San Francisco weed church believe that an individual’s body acts as a temple. Hence, taking good care of oneself should be valued highly and placed on top of one’s priority list. Eating food that’s good for you is one aspect of this principle, but there are other aspects to it as well.

  1. Some of us don’t even smoke weed

Despite the fact that some members of our cannabis church San Francisco are pretty much known for their love for the green, others merely love the good company. Contrary to popular belief, smoking weed is not the central point of our belief system. One can be Rastafari without smoking a single joint. Weed consumption is entirely optional and up to every individual’s discretion.

  1. We have our very own diet

Apart from being the finest San Francisco dispensary, we’re also your go-to point for dieting advice. Have you heard of the Ital diet? It stems from our circles. But just like many of our ways, it tends to be flexible and can be adjusted to the needs of every individual who practices our religion. For example, we refuse to eat red meat, because we believe it doesn’t do our body well. As for the fish, some of us choose to eat this kind of food, while others have a different point of view.

  1. We are spiritually close to Jamaica

Although our weed church in San Francisco is not physically there, our minds and souls are close to Jamaica. In fact, we have our own dialect that closely resembles the one you’ll encounter there. However, our philosophy is unique to us and our beliefs. But above all else, we recognize and live the beat of life. Positivism remains both our practice as well as our aim.

  1. Some of us view our practice as a philosophy rather than religion

Although we’re a San Francisco cannabis church in every aspect and regard, some of our members refer to what we do as philosophy rather than religion. In general, we are not the biggest fans of what you’d call ‘isms’ of any kind, although our own movement could be referred to as one. The reason being is that we’re against oppression of any kind. In the same spirit, we are not here to preach to anyone. We’re here to share our wisdom to those who are ready to open their mind to it. In other words, we’re here to guide the human spirit, not to put labels on it.