A Glance at the 4 Elements of Rastafari Religion

A Glance at the 4 Elements of Rastafari Religion

For those who have never been to our San Francisco weed church before, getting exposed to the way we do things might be quite the experience. Indeed, our establishment is so much more than a mere San Francisco dispensary and we’d like to show you that by telling you more about the core values of our religion and the way we practice it.

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1. Much of what we do goes in the name of love

Love for the people, the cultures, and our God. In fact, our San Francisco cannabis church believes that love is a core element of our lives. If there is nothing but kindness in your spirit, you will find yourself to be much better equipped to face the hurdles of everyday life. Those who harbor nothing but hatred for the world soon find themselves on the receiving end of their negative feelings. The Rastafari religion teaches us to open our hearts to love; as such, the practitioners are able to elevate themselves one step closer to spiritual ascension.

2. Meditation tranquilizes your spirit and calms your mind

The state of being is what we focus on. The trivialities of everyday living and the challenges that we face can oftentimes test our beliefs, but meditation is how we are able to set our mind the right way and program it for success. To that end, cannabis is often employed to bring one’s consciousness closer to positivity, life, and God. If you’d like to see one of our group meditations in person, stop by our cannabis church San Francisco!

3. We believe in the concept of livity

Our Rastafarian church San Francisco places a great deal of attention on livity, one of the core concepts of Rastafari religion. To explain it, the term ‘ever-living’ is probably what narrates it better. Since God has bestowed that energy onto us, every living individual can access it to get motivated to pursue higher goals. In the end, achieving anything of value takes a great deal of motivation and energy, not to mention dedication and discipline, and God has equipped us with the tools we need to make it happen. Now, it’s up to us to learn how to access them.

4. Cannabis is the instrument of spirit

Last but not least, the weed church San Francisco is full of the green herb we’ve all grown to love. But the San Francisco cannabis church is much more than a mere dispensary – it’s a place where like-minded individuals gather to exchange stories, of sadness and of love. Cannabis is the one thing that ties us all together, and through our sermons, meditations, and other special events, we are able to elevate ourselves to higher frequencies of energy. In the end, no matter how tough any individual has learned to become, some form of support is always necessary to keep on striving towards a better life. With a network of Rastafari practitioners like the ones that gather in our church, nothing could be easier.