Welcome to Blessings Ministries, a San Francisco Religious Assembly. Our Rastafari church in the Tenderloin offers a space for members to practice their faith and share ganja in a relaxed environment. All backgrounds are welcome with or without adherence to any religious belief or creed. Our holy sacrament weed brings us closer to God. This is different than any recreational dispensary in San Francisco. Some related terms are blessed dispensary near me, as well as San Francisco dispensary.

Blessings Ministries commences from The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, a mansion of the Rastafari movement: (1) is a religion within the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States; (2) the “use of cannabis is an essential portion of the religious practice”; (3) under the beliefs of the church, cannabis, a controlled substance, is frequently and freely used; (4) cannabis is not itself an object of worship; (5) prayer is directed solely to a spiritual God; (6) members of the church believe that cannabis is the mystical body and blood of “Jesus”; and (7) through cannabis members purportedly find a spirit of love, unity, and justice, which brings us closer to our God. Not to be confused with a cannabis recreational dispensary in San Francisco, the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church is not a new church or religion, but historic records reflect its centuries old and has regularly used weed as a Holy sacrament .

Our Meditation Center in San Francisco is a privately owned, volunteer-based organization dedicated to spiritual growth. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by any other organization and rely completely on the tithings collected from class participants and members. Although many cannabis dispensary exist, our meditation center offers more than the best San Francisco dispensary. We offer spiritual growth and healing services that a typical San Francisco recreational dispensaries would not. Being number one with God is a greater honor than being the best cannabis recreational dispensary in San Francisco.